LoRaWAN Security

We have compiled information about LoRaWAN use cases, attacks and security on 16 pages. In our E-Book you will learn for which use cases LoRa-WAN is secure enough.



LoRaWAN Use-Cases

We describe in detail the use cases and properties of LoRaWAN.

Attacks on LoRa networks

We take a close look at the motivations and benefits for attackers.

Security measures

We show the built-in security measures of the LoRaWAN networks and their vulnerabilities.


We give you concrete recommendations which you should consider when setting up a LoRaWAN network.

Author Elisabeth Schloten

Author Elisabeth Schloten

Elisabeth Schloten has been the founder and managing director of ECBM GmbH since 2017. With ECBM, Ms. Schloten stands for driving digitization forward in a way that companies and their employees have real advantages. Before founding the company, Ms. Schloten worked very successfully for top management companies such as McKinsey and international corporations such as Procter & Gamble and Vodafone in Germany and abroad.


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