Radio technologies connect your production plant. 

Location determination and stockpiles

Vibration and temperature monitoring for predictive maintenance

Room climate and working environment

Access control

Measuring levels in tanks and containers (ATEX)


Predictive Maintenance

Move from time-based maintenance windows to predictive maintenance. Detect machine failures before they happen, using artificial intelligence.

IoT-Lagerhaus Zeichnung mit Kartons und einem Lastwagen davor.

Smart Warehouse

What are the temperatures in the warehouse? How busy are the individual areas within a warehouse? Which truck dock is occupied the longest? Regain an overview of your warehouse and offer your customers added value by optimizing your processes.

Efficient infrastructure

Connect your facilities, infrastructure and buildings to make your waste management, energy management and processes more efficient.

Predictive Quality

What quality will your products during the next production be? Predictive Quality is a type of industrial artificial intelligence that enables you to significantly reduce process-related quality and waste losses. The cause is determined quickly and with a high degree of certainty, and losses are prevented in the future.

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