LoRaWAN Services

Implementation and Operation of large scale LoRaWAN networks

We are registered LoRaWAN network operators

Business Models and Business Cases

Would your company benefit from building your own LoRaWAN network? We develop use cases with you and calculate the value for your company.


If you are considering your own LoRaWAN network, we can build the network for you, from network planning and simulation to gateway installation and software setup. We do what it takes to make it work for you.

Analytics and AI

Our data scientists ensure that you make the most of the data that comes from the sensors. From intuitive visualisation on dashboards and apps to full scale AI / machine learning algorithms we generate value for you.

Predictive Maintenance and efficient processes

Based on information from your new connected sensors, we help you develop significantly more efficient processes and enable you to move to predictive maintenance, saving up to 40% of maintenance cost.

Data Security

We are a BNetzA (Bundesnetzagentur) registered network operator and provide a highly secure infrastructure. Your data is safe and sound from planning through implementation up to the visualisation of the data. We operate on German infrastructure.


We can run and manage your LoRaWAN network in a secure and scaleable environment. We use proven monitoring solutions to ensure reliable network operations. 

Elisabeth Schloten talks about LoRaWAN in the sewer system

At “The Things Conference”, the world’s largest conference on LoRaWAN, our founder took a closer look at the use case of sewer monitoring with LoRaWAN.


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