Machinery and Facilities Construction

For many years, production has been based on Lean and Six Sigma principles. The avoidance of waste in all areas and high quality standards are at an excellent level, especially in Germany. 

However, digitalization and the resulting new technologies give us completely new opportunities to become even better and more efficient in production and administration. 

Selected Issues

Digital Waste Walk

From the Lean method emerges the Waste Walk - an inspection of the production evaluating it according to eight types of waste, such as e.g. scrap, transport and overproduction. Today, this Waste Walk can be carried out according to new criteria, since completely new possibilities are available for the avoidance of Waste. Networking, data evaluation and AI can lead to drastic improvements in quality and efficiency, if used correctly. With the digital Waste Walk, we determine the potential for this.

Facility Monitoring

Reading and analyzing machine data is nothing new. Through better networking and artificial intelligence / machine learning, however, the amount of available data is much greater and its evaluation better than ever before. Thus you can:recognize and solve problems with your facilities much earlier; discover quality problems much faster and reduce waste; simplify conclusions about the causes of problems; avoid unplanned downtime / production interruptions.You can use the data you collect in monitoring later to enable predictive maintenance.

Digital Business Models

By combining machines with digital services, it is possible to generate revenue in a completely new way. The classic example is the light bulb with burglar detector. The task of the physical product light bulb is "to make light". By adding a sensor, networking and logic the digital "burglar alarm" feature is added, for which I can probably charge more per month than the price of the original light bulb.Per-use billing, automatic ordering of spare parts and maintenance, automatic alarms in the event of incorrect adjustments and much more are services that can be made available to the customer.

Predictive Maintenance

Scientists and consultants agree that predictive maintenance is the use case of the Internet of Things that brings the greatest financial benefit. It's about identifying problems before they occur - predicting the future.Hocus-pocus? -No it simply is networking, data collection, analysis, a lot of patience, clever algorithms and a lot of expertise. This is where the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence come together to make reliable predictions for the future based on past information, environmental parameters and current information. Significant downtime reduction and waste avoidance are the consequences.