Public Sector

Are you already part of a Smart City?

Smart City includes digital infrastructure, digital communication and processing of transactions with the public sector, digital education, new services for citizens and business and much more.

Selected Issues

The Digital City Hall

The City Hall is the hub of the city administration and the interface between the city and its citizens. At this important intersection, digitalization can achieve a lot. The digital city hall can make life easier for citizens through modern technologies, make administrative work more efficient and improve a city's attractiveness as a business location.

Apps for Citizen Feedback​

If you are responsible for a city or a district, it is important to you that citizens and companies feel comfortable. However, you probably repeatedly lack the detailed knowledge about the individual districts, streets, schoolyards, parks, and much more because you cannot be everywhere. Limited opening hours and and sometimes vague responsibilities do not necessarily encourage citizens to report supposed minor issues. The solution: an app that allows citizens to take a photo of the problem, attach the location automatically, categorize the issue and submit it.​