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We would like to get to know you better and find the right solutions for your company.



We work with you to create new business models and digital services that meet your needs. From the conception and economic feasibility study to the technical and organizational execution, we manage the entire project with you.

Developing digitization strategy

Where is your company today and what are its priorities for the coming years?

What influence does digitalization have on your company and your customers? We work with you to find out how you can benefit from increased sales, improved quality or reduced costs through digitisation and calculate the extent to which the benefits exceed the costs.

Definition of sustainable business models

Markets and customer requirements are changing as a result of digitization.

Many of our customers have to reorient themselves on how they will generate their sales in the future. We use modern methods such as Design Thinking and Business Model Canvas to support them.

Digital processes in production and administration

How much more efficient can you work?

What quality improvements do you expect? ​ Do you know how much efficiency and quality improvements you can achieve through the use of digital technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and modern software? With our methodology based on Lean Six Sigma, we quickly find out and define digitally supported processes with you.

Technology selection

The diversity of digital technologies is great and new ones are evolving.

Therefore we have experts for the different areas like Industry 4.0, Digital Workplace, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, who always have an overview of the technologies and providers in their area and understand which technologies and which companies are mature and for which applications they are suitable.

Holistic project management

Digitisation projects are often technically complex.

At the same time, the process-related and cultural changes in the company are great – digitalization is never just an IT project. Our experienced project managers are used to steering several partners through complex projects and working with all levels of the company. We deliver complete projects with tangible value for you.

System integration and connectivity

Digitisation projects often consist of several components.

Digitisation projects often consist of several technical components, and real improvements can only be achieved if these components work together smoothly. That is why we develop the necessary interfaces and ensure that processes are digitally mapped from start to finish.

Change Management

Employees and executives often find digitalization a challenge.

The familiar working environment and familiar processes are changing dramatically. Only through open and targeted communication and the involvement of employees from the outset can employees be convinced of the necessary changes in behaviour, so that new processes can be established in the company in the long term. We support the planning and implementation of cultural change.

Operating technical solutions

Operating technical solutions

Especially in the field of Internet of Things and Data Analysis / Artificial Intelligence, a stable, scalable and secure architecture and infrastructure is extremely important. Our data scientists and AI developers generate new insights from your data.

Internet of Things - LoRaWAN / 5G

Build your own IOT network with us.

It can be interesting for companies with large areas or public utilities / municipalities to build and operate their own network for the machines, partly as a business model, partly for safety reasons. For several customers we build large area LoRaWAN networks for own use and rental. Within 5G it will also be possible to operate own local 5G networks.

We’ll help you understand and leverage the power of digital technologies to evolve or revolutionize your business model. We support the entire digitization project from conception to operation, always taking into account your individual position, strengths and the market in which you operate.

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World of innovations

Innovations happen every day. In the future, not only large companies will have to think about their business models. With proven methods we help you to define, manage and implement new and innovative business models.  

insights in a week

Much of the data lies idle in companies on servers, and is at the same time often the basis for new business models. However, new business models must fit the company. Which of the various possibilities offered by this data, the Internet of Things and digitalization are the right ones for you? We generate interesting insights for you within a very short time. Talk to us!

Internet of things

The Internet of Things has thousands of use cases. We define the right ones for your company and calculate the return on investment. Then we can build the first prototypes with you and implement the IoT solution to add value as early as possible.

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